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RE:"Stop the negative reporting of Greece" Petition
by "dp" on Tue May 18 21:00:15 2010

Reading the posts on this forum often make me feel depressed. I moved here two and a half years ago and by and large the move has been a positive one. It is a pity that there is so much negative reporting on Greece in the international media at the moment. If only they could stop and consider what a unique experience it is to experience life here, even if only on holiday. I'm not looking through rose-tinted glasses. I've had some difficult times here trying to grapple with a different culture and way of thinking, from the toilet paper to the different attitude towards animals. But I have also experienced wonderful kindness and hospitality from my Greek friends. Beneath it all we are all the same, Greeks, British, Irish, whatever, we are all human beings and if we like this country we should be trying to, as the saying goes, big it up to others so that they appreciate it, warts and all. By the way, I was distracted from finishing this posting by Petroula on Star weather. Now that's what I call a culture shock!

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