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RE:"Stop the negative reporting of Greece" Petition
by "Frosty" on Mon May 17 09:17:42 2010

Hi John,

Yes I agree but attempts to gag the press are futile.

There is a lot the government can do to promote tourism and counter the bad press. I remember posters in the London underground in the early 70's advertising The Island for All Seasons. What are they doing these days?
One of the biggest issues for me is that 40 years later when the big carrier Ryan Air is flying all over Europe, all year round, I can't get a return journey to Crete in winter much cheaper than 300 and that may require a hotel stop on the way.

The corruption amongst the rich political classes in Greece needs to be exposed. We need an effective free market not decisions made on the basis of how much they can line their pockets. Pressure from the streets and yes external media may well be the vehicle to do it. They need to free up the airspace to enable more planes at competitive rates. The airspace in Europe is only free as far as the boaders of Italy. It costs a lot to jump from there to Greece. I've tried all ways. There are of course many other issues we need strong leadership from the top and we may have it with this prime minister. We'll see how we ride this necessary rocky road, but broadly John, yes I do agree with you.


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