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RE:To Reg
by "Frosty" on Tue May 25 22:04:16 2010

Hi Reg,

My comments about 'A Greek' were not negative. Your comments were negative.

No! I never met him, but I have had lots of good rows with him on here.

"Then after you’d thought about it a little, you added this

“I would agree that 'A Greek' or 'Cretan' has not always been popular with some of the English here, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing” ! "

yeah and?

"Have you ever read back through his posts? I’ve yet to find anything “serious” or “welcome”!"

I've read all his posts

"He seems to spend more time telling people they are morons or a…holes."

It won't do them any harm, some of them are anyway!

What difference does it make how long someone has accessed the forum, do you get scout badges or air miles or something?

No you just get to know the posters a bit better and the way people operate on the forum. It's a shame they don't keep to the same name.

Thanks for taking the time to research the details.

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