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RE:"Stop the negative reporting of Greece" Petition
by "Nic Croad" on Sun Jun 13 18:34:33 2010

I am the creator of this petition and it seems a few of you may have missed the point. This petition isn't trying to gag the press or anything along those lines. We are simply asking for balanced reporting. The BBCs reports accused Greece as "a volatile country". This is simply not true. I have seen first hand the impact that these reports have had. I have read the emails to hotels canceling holidays. We got inundated with emails at the time of the troubles in Athens asking for information, and if it was safe to visit Halkidiki! We are asking the BBC to give fair and balanced views. Send their reporters out to other areas of Greece to show how businesses are coping with the current situation and to see for themselves the impact that such irresponsible reporting can have.

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