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RE:"Stop the negative reporting of Greece" Petition
by "rainbowmir" on Mon May 17 16:15:04 2010

British tourists this year (and many from other European countries too) are going to be facing a problem as to whether their flight will get off the ground in the UK (because of the volcanic ash problem) regardless of where they are going - but the last thing they will want to be facing is the possibility of strikes at the other end preventing them from landing!

Whilst I have every sympathy with the dire problems Greece faces, if tourism is so vitally important, then the people themselves need to realise that strikes, riots and civil unrest WILL prevent tourists from coming to Greece.

A difficult decision for everyone - to demonstrate for your rights or to hold off until the end of the summer.

I shall be in Crete in a few weeks time to spend my few pennies - I just hope that thousands of other will be joining me!!

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