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Tax Rebate Scam
by "Yeah Right!" - on Thu Jun 10 13:37:40 2010
Has anybody received an email from someody claiming to be HM Customs & Revenue office - saying that a tax rebate due to you could not be paid due to a bank error. Then asking you to click on a link which lists all the big high street bank logos and then asking you to click on your bank? Because I have recently been in touch with HM Customs & Revenue office on a similar subject an am at this very moment waiting a reply from them, my mind was on this subject when I clicked on the link as they asked! It was only when I was asked to click onto my bank account and did, that I suddenly got the "wrong" feeling about what what being asked of me. I quickly came out of the link and don't know if I did any damage but will no doubt find out!!

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  • Tax Rebate Scam - by Yeah Right! on Thu Jun 10 13:37:40 2010

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