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RE:Imbros Gorge Taxi information, please
by "Julie" on Sat Jun 12 20:24:31 2010

As Filippos says, the taxis at the bottom of the gorge are mainly pick-up trucks from the local tavernas, and I wouldn't like to bet on any being available early in the morning. Your best bet might be to take a taxi from Chora Sfakion to Imbros. Arrange it in advance to make sure. http://www.sfakia-crete.com/sfakia-crete/transfers.html
Tel. +30-28250 91269

Alternatively, the Chania bus leaves Chora Sfakion at 7am and 11 am: if you could get there in time for the former, you would have the gorge to yourself, as well as saving the taxi fare (probably around 30-40 euros).

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