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Petrol Rip Off
by "Sick of It" - on Sat Jun 19 10:46:00 2010

Time to name and shame the SHELL petrol stations in the Aghios Nikolaos area!

We're sick to death of their tricks of the trade that they practice on everybody that comes into the station. Firstly, unless you ask they put the more expensive V-Power petrol into your tank - but yesterday even though we specified, clearly that we wanted Unleaded the cheapest and pointed to the pump as soon as we'd turned our heads away they filled the tank with V-power!!!! After complaining, we were sent to the till, who sent us back to the attendant, who sent us back to the till until we started to get nasty! Back to the till he says "we have a 10% discount offer on V-Power petrol today" - that's a down and out lie! No posters advertising this and just a plan they make up when you confront them. After much shouting finally they allow us 5 Euros back on the petrol. This happens EVERY TIME we pull in to a Shell garage - of course we use other suppliers, even though they are more expensive and try to avoid Shell garages but it happens on every occasion we have had to use them.

Another trick we have encountred three times with friends on holiday in hire cars - they asked for 10 Euros worth of petrol on all occasions, drove away and then discovered that they had not put any petrol in at all! Another trick - they fillup with cheaper petrol and then charge the more expensive petrol on your receipt, so CHECK THEM per litre price - BE AWARE!

WATCH EVERY MOVEMENT THEY MAKE, when you are at the filling station, don't let them rip you off.

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  • Petrol Rip Off - by Sick of It on Sat Jun 19 10:46:00 2010

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