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RE:Petrol Rip Off
by "Sick of it" on Mon Jun 21 09:18:10 2010

"Another case of it only you spoke the language?"

Thank you smart ass but both I and my friend speak fluent Greek!!!!!!! If you read my post and understand it correctly you will see that I told the attendant which petrol to put in and he ignored it! Why do you try to stick up for these conmen? I just don't get it, especially when several other posters have been victims of the same tricks. If they have a discounted day for their petrol why aren't they plashing the adverts all over their numerous petrol stations - there is no signage anywhere - unheard of for a multi million Euro/Pound company surely! What they choose to do is see if they can catch you with their "put the V-power petrol in and charge the highest price" first and if you catch THEM out, they backoff with discount deals! Yeah right!

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