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RE:Petrol Rip Off
by "petrol" on Sat Jun 19 12:27:42 2010

Ok Warwick,
Laziness a bit strong, more accustomed to the pracice, but if we all get out of our car and made sure that the right fuel be delivered then maybe these sharp practises will diminish.
Do the attendants get a bonus for the amount of higher priced fuel they con out of the unsuspecting punters??

I cannot believe that the Taxi drivers clubbed together to get a filter for the Diesel pumps as a guarantee of no water........what the hell does that say to all the other motorists who use this popular station, next to Carrefour and Lidl.......99% fuel 1% water....
Don`t tell me about rain water run off, the tanks should be sealed and the lids proud to prevent any seepage, so the only way for water to get into the tanks is deliberate, another con???

Lets not even go there with the Petrol Stations on busy side roads,

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