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RE:Petrol Rip Off
by "Kilkis" on Sat Jun 19 14:05:19 2010

Fuel "wastage" during delivery is a common problem all over the world. A friend of mine worked on a project for Shell in the UK over 30 years ago to try to stop it happening. It still goes on. Syphon of a few hundred litres from a delivery load and replace it with water. Can happen anywhere in the supply chain from the moment it leaves the bonded store to the forecourt tank. In some cases it wouldn't surprise me if it even happens inside the bonded store.

I'm not sure what you mean by "what the hell does that say to all the other motorists who use this popular station,"? Clearly if they are buying diesel they also get the filtered fuel. It is not a special pump that only supplies taxis. The taxi drivers did it because it used to cost them several thousand Euro every time an engine blows up because of polluted fuel. Putting a few hundred Euro into a pot to stop the problem was worthwhile. Have you never noticed how many taxis fill up there?

I have no way of verifying if what I was told is true or not but I have no reason to doubt it. If you live in the area it is no hardship to fill up there since there prices are usually pretty good.


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