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by "glass houses?" on Tue Jun 29 19:23:21 2010

I don't know Nikki but she seems to be popular and so what if she's not 'registered'. She may be a lot better than manywho are 'qualified

I wonder what it would be like if people behaved in person to each other the way they behave on an unmoderated site such as this.

A small taverna with some occupied tables and a general buzz of conversation with everyone telling all present how very ‘Greek’ they feel and how they would never go back even if we didn’t have Damocles the doggy and Circe the kitten cat. And how so and so is a bighead and an imposter and Fred Bloggs thinks he knows about computers but he doesn’t and why on earth do so many ex-pats have to gather together pack like, and look at us aren’t we all so very wonderful. Then a new person enters, orders his food and innocently asks for French dressing for his salata. Hushed silence ensues followed by heads swivelling and bursts of whispered outrage. “This is Crete, why is he asking for something French in Crete? What does he think olive oil is for? If he wants French muck he should go to France.”

Similarly an innocent newcomer is walking around Chania looking for the aghora and dares to ask a ‘resident’ if they could enlighten them as to the whereabouts of the ‘market’. “What, you really don’t know where the ‘aghora’ is you are an idiot of the first degree now stop asking stupid questions and clear off back from where you came, I hate you.”

And. it really is like that on here and I’m absolutely convinced that this behaviour extends to people with intelligence so maybe it’s catching. Not very attractive in the real world and extremely cowardly anywhere.

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