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I'll tell you why it died....
by "Greece Magazine ex-Subscriber" on Wed Jul 14 21:57:06 2010

Greece magazine had nothing to say. It was insipid. It was bland. The writing was competent but not inspiring. It became boring, rewriting the same articles over and over again.

I contacted them about a subject which affected many expats but they were clueless, made polite noises and ignored me. Then a year later they created a very weak article about the subject but is was pretty superficial and was almost useless.

Having worked as a journalist on specialist titles and vertical markets back in the 80s and 90s I could have made useful contribution. but the usual blandness won the day.

They folded because they lost circulation due to other readers feeling much as I did.

Motto from my previous days in journalism: Think Clearly. Don't be boring.

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