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To the website owner: removal of threads
by "Julie" - on Wed Jul 14 08:17:15 2010
The recent threads started by Jop and Cheesed off have been removed. It would be interesting to know why.

They were the first threads to prompt a real wave of protest at the level to which the forum has sunk, and the first battle the trolls can't claim to have won. And now they are gone. Perhaps they were removed because you have finally realised that you need to step in and improve matters. Perhaps you simply fear the loss of advertising revenue if advertisers start to notice what has been going on here.

Either way, I take it as a sign that you do notice what goes on here, and do care about your revenue, at least. I hope, though, that you care about the havoc created in the name of "freedom of speech: by trolls, juvenile sniping, abuse, and cruelty.

I suggest that you institute a gentle but effective form of moderating. You could start by requiring registration, which might not stop the rot completely, but would at least discourage the trolls.

Thanks for listening. A response from you would be appreciated by quite a few of us.

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  • To the website owner: removal of threads - by Julie on Wed Jul 14 08:17:15 2010

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