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Doide Bell in Souda, a scam operation?
by "anti-scam" - on Wed Jul 14 10:55:56 2010
I see someone asking in an earlier thread about the contact details for a company called Diode Bell in Souda Bay. If you Google the name you will find the website and contact details. They are promoting a power load controller which claims to switch off the power to an electrical device if there is a significant surge or brownout. Sound good, and worth investigating ....

... BUT you have to ask the question, how 'reliable' is this company as it also offers/manufactures a product which has been identified as a fraud by the US Department of Justice. The product is a hand held 'scanner' that runs off a small battery. Apparantly it can detect any kind of explosive over 1 Km away. The product is called the AL-6D exlosived detector and if you google it you will find many blogs warning that it is bogus.

If you want to protect your TV etc from surges, you can buy a product in the big electrical stores in Chania for about 60 euro. Basically it is a battery that sits between the power supply and your TV and will absorbs without any harmful effect, any power surges that occur.

I hope this has been helpful.

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  • Doide Bell in Souda, a scam operation? - by anti-scam on Wed Jul 14 10:55:56 2010

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