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RE:to milakis
by "anti-scam" on Wed Jul 14 20:09:21 2010

Hi Milakis

Yes, go into any of the big electric retailers and ask for a power surge protector. It is a black box about 40cm x 15cm x 15cm which is basically a big battery which you need to charge for 8 hours before using. It sits between your electrical item and the wall socket, when the power fluctuates it 'absorbs' the surge/brownout and continues to supply your device with a stable supply. If you have a powercut it has enough charge so you can continue using your device for about 5 minutes - such as a PC - giving you time to safely power down and you won't lose your work. Cost is about 65 euro.
If they don't know what you are talking about, go somewhere else, these items are easy to buy.

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