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RE:to milakis
by "filippos" on Thu Jul 15 00:40:25 2010

I think what he's talking about is a UPS - Uninterruptible Power Supply. Most of these include surge protection and are generally used with computers and peripheral equipment. They will protect your computer etc from surges and also continue to provide power for you to save anything you're working on and then shut down the computer normally. You can also plug in other delicate electronics [like phones] if the UPS comes equipped with a phone socket but not all do.
Generally, [sweeping statement] the more you pay the more equipment you can protect and the longer you'll have to save stuff and shut down. Mine gives me about 20 minutes. They also protect low power stuff like computers from "brown outs" as, if mains voltage drops, the battery will maintain the necessary voltage.

If you merely want to protect other equipment like fridges, TVs etc. from power surges then a simple surge protector will be enough and they cost from about 5 to 20 Euros depending on number of outlets and quality. A UPS will not protect stuff like fridges, washing machines, etc., from "brown outs".

There is equipment available to protect large appliances from "brown outs" but I don't know much about them so can't advise.

I would suggest, for a UPS, going to a decent computer shop at places like Kotsovoulos the staff don't have much knowledge. Multirama or a small specialist would be better.

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