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RE:to filippos
by "filippos" on Thu Jul 15 09:11:33 2010

As I said, I don't know enough about the subject to advise about protecting large appliances but I think a] a UPS won't have the capacity b] the battery back-up will be useless, c] it will be much more expensive than a simple surge protector and d] it won't protect appliances against "brownouts".

I think [again, may be wrong] that large appliances are less susceptible to surges/spikes than computers, etc. I've never used a surge protector with big stuff and have never had any problem but "brownouts" are a different matter and a surge protector won't help.

There's some useful information on these two threads, especially the second one:


I think most surge protectors [and UPSs] can be damaged and need checking after they've done their job. It is possible to get surge protectors with circuit breakers that can be re-set but a bit more expensive. I have two 4-socket extensions, bought from a small computer shop in Hania, and all my computer stuff [including UPSs] and phone are plugged into those. Cost was about 20 each, if I remember correctly.

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