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RE:Doide Bell in Souda, a scam operation?
by "Research" on Wed Jul 14 15:14:45 2010

Do your research before you condemn something, the device your referring to is the ADE 651, produced by ATSC (UK), it has been proven to be a fraud and has been sold to the Iraqi's and it does not work, it could never work as it has no power source. The device being sold by Diode Bell the AL-6D has proven itself over and over again in tests and is being used my a number of countries successfully at the moment including Greece, Saudi and more recently the police in Tanzania who have a huge problem with guns more so than explosives. Having experienced this device first hand and having used it myself I can say it works very well indeed. It will also find an number of other things such a bodies, live or dead. Shame it can not detect gold but it can detect and number of other valuable items, suffix to say a number of mining industries are very interested in this device. Believe what you will, for people like you, ignorance is bliss I always say.

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