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RE:Doide Bell in Souda, a scam operation?
by "Research" on Wed Jul 14 16:20:30 2010

By the way, the US has never had the AL-6D in their hands to test, so how can they say it's a fraud and the Justice department published that report in 1999 so it could not mention the AL-6D since it didn't exist then. The AL-6D is being lumped in with these other devices but they have never even tried it. Even the countries claimed on the web site as having purchased it is bogus. It will prove itself in the end. So your just as bad as these blog idiots when it comes to posting something you know absolutely zero about.

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  • Doide Bell in Souda, a scam operation? - by anti-scam on Wed Jul 14 10:55:56 2010

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