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RE:Doide Bell in Souda, a scam operation?
by "Research" on Wed Jul 14 16:39:45 2010

As I said, people who don't know and just write crap in a blog or forum and those who don't know any better and believe it. The AL-6D uses a rechargeable battery, not a 9v. It can detect a lot farther than 1km. The reason there are so many IED casualties in those countries is because it's not being used there. Having read the blog I can see they have never even seen one of these devices let alone tested one, I on the other hand have and I know what it can do. But there are other powers behind why the US is not showing interest in this device, think big brother, patriot act. It's along list. Believe what you will, but don't condemn a company that provides proven high quality items just because you read it on some blog.

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