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Let it be
by "Defender of Alex" - on Wed Jul 14 19:39:10 2010
This forum is only part of the Interkriti website which presumably is a commercial operation looking to make a profit. The more hits the website has, for whatever reasons, (and those reasons could be because people really enjoy the fact that there is no registration process on the forum), the more satisfied the advertisers and owner will be. Why should a website visitor who only wants to ask one question, about a single holiday, have to register in order to ask it? Why should the owner introduce a process which may discourage hits when his first obligation is to his advertisers? It is ludicrous to think that the advertisers and/or owner are anxiously scanning the forum on a daily basis and worrying about whether person A has upset person B. There are moderated Crete forums. This is not one of them. It is part of a commercial website not a public service. If people want a moderated forum, then why not use one? Why should Alex change his business to satisfy a small number of site users - those that hang around the forum. The rest of the site bumbles along quite happily and for all we know is hugely successful.
The Interkriti forum is what the users make it. Who are we to sit in judgement on its users?

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  • Let it be - by Defender of Alex on Wed Jul 14 19:39:10 2010

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