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RE:Let it be
by "Julie" on Thu Jul 15 12:51:18 2010


Thank you, Helen (a real name, for once: well done).

I can handle it. I just don't like it, and am entitled to say so; and when challenged, to say so again. And again if I choose to.

And when I choose to "move on" (couldn't you do better than that boring cliche?) that is when I will do so. And when I do, I shall be tempted to do so in the manner of Alice, who, leaving Looking Glass Land threw up her hands and said "Who cares for you" you're nothing but a pack of cards."

Yes, of course the site, evolves. It's HOW it evolves that's at issue. I care about how it has evolved, and that is why I am attempting (in vain, I acknowledge) to wrest it from the grip of a few particularly nasty - mostly recently arrived - posters.

Some forums I have participated in have been frequented by people who share an interest and manage to enjoy exchanging views with each other without sinking to the depths of stupidity and nastiness that have become the rule here.

Reasonable standards of decent behaviour towards others are possible without regulation and even without moderation. But when no standards are observed, and when so large a volume posts are obstructive of genuine discussion, it's time for moderation.

It's certainly time for registration, because (I am repeating myself) it's the ability to post under multiple identities that is at the root of much of the trouble here.

The last of your friendly remarks to me surprises me. Don't you enjoy walking on your own?

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