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RE:Let it be
by "Julie" on Thu Jul 15 00:31:07 2010

That Interkriti is a commercial website making its profit from advertising revenue is nothing new, and is (presumably) understood by everyone. It has always been a commercial website, back to the days when its forum was, accurately, described on the home page:

"Join the Crete friends' forum and learn from the Kriti experts."

It is a long time since this has been a Crete friends' forum, and most of the Kriti "experts" have long since gone. It no longer has anything much to do with Crete. Around five years ago it began to be colonised by the expatriates, and was soon dominated by them. Now, as Kevin has so aptly described it, it is "a joke forum where anybody can say anything they like to anybody, under whatever name they choose".

It's a sad comedown, reflecting the downside of the internet, and its worst characteristics, the anonymity and multiple identities that enable and encourage people to "say anything they like to anybody, under whatever name they choose", however abusive and cruel what they say is.

Having waited all day for some sign that Alex has noticed what has been said on the thread I began, and that he does care a little about how some of his long-time forum posters feel about what has happened, I am disappointed that he has been silent.

I am also surprised. At him, but even more at the advertisers, who, if they ever looked in here, would surely realise that there is little or no "market" amongst the "comedians" for their villas and apartments and cars and hotels and holidays. Why they continue to spend their recession-squeezed funds on the main forum page is beyond me.

The Interkriti forum, like any forum, is, as "Defender of Alex" says, what its users make of it. As a long-time user, I, along with others, have tried to make it a Crete friends' forum again, and to stem the tide of mostly revolting rubbish that has replaced informed, civilised discussion about Crete, and the sharing of experiences of Crete.

In January 2000 I spent a couple of weeks in Sfakia, entirely alone, walking and swimming and soaking up the landscape and the nature. When I came back, I wrote a long post about the experience. I felt that I was writing it for friends, and it was received by friends with appreciation and enthusiasm. I would no more think of sharing such an experience with the crowd that is now in residence here than I would fly to the moon.

Which - I'll say it before Fishy or Typical or Magog or anyone says it - is probably what most of you wish I would do.

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