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by "profiler" - on Wed Jul 14 22:08:53 2010
As most of you on this forum may have noticed lately how things have changed, most of the names are all new, not many of the old names left is there, and I'll tell you why.
It's all because you were too serious, and most the things you were all talking about was utter crap.
I mean come on, lets take a certain gent who knows everything about f-all, a man who can answer every question about every subject.

Then we have another Gent, He never spends any time in Crete, or very little anyway, but has a lot to say on the matter, ring any bells so far, we all know now that most use different names, same people just different names to play the game.

I have got nothing against all the new shit at the moment, a change is as good as a rest as they say.

Take our new friend Kevin, got to hold my hands up, tells you how it is and is genuine, a real person just giving back to most of you what life should be like.
Anyway I'm done, come on now Kevin, tell these plonkers your a Woman cos they aint got a clue.

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