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by "haven't a clue" on Thu Jul 15 12:01:55 2010

So if a person knows more than you, they shouldn't be allowed to post?
And if you're not a full-time resident, you can't post an opinion?
I thought this site was supposed to be for 'friends of Crete'?
And if a subject doesn't appeal to you, it is "utter crap"?
You have the choice not to respond to a new post - unfortunately, most of you immediately leap in with poor sarcasm, bad humour or downright rudeness and hijack a thread for your own amusement.
One member was accused of being dictatorial because of her opinion - I suggest you people are just as guilty.
"tells you how it is and is genuine, a real person just giving back to most of you what life should be like"
No, not strictly true - he/she is telling us what he/she feels life should be like according to his/her views - that doesn't mean it has to be the norm for many of us..

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