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Pulling our adverts
by "Soon-to-be-ex-advertiser" - on Thu Jul 15 03:21:14 2010
Due to the drop in web stats and lack of a perceived serious audience, we will not be renewing our Interkriti adverts, after advertising with then for nearly 10 years.

We would not be surprised if other advertisers do the same, and would not be surprised if (sadly) this site closed within a year due to lack of revenue.

Well done, you recently-arrived morons. Soon you will have to find another site to wreck. What else can you do to obtain your "highs"? Self-inject the Rage virus? Nah, that would require brain neurons.


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  • Pulling our adverts - by Soon-to-be-ex-advertiser on Thu Jul 15 03:21:14 2010

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