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RE:Pulling our adverts
by "PTSR" on Thu Jul 15 11:31:29 2010

Wrong! it's not the number of hits a site achieves, although a business may decide a popular site may be worth paying advertising fees for.
It's the number of clicks that the banner advert recieves that determines its success rate
For most banner ads, the industry average seems to hover between two and five clicks per 1,000 impressions of the ad. That is, if a banner ad appears on 1,000 Web pages, between two and five people will click on the ad to learn more.

Those five clicks per thousand impressions don't have much value to most advertisers. The reason is because those five clicks will not all generate sales. Out of 100 clicks, perhaps one person will actually do the desired thing (buy something, download something, etc.).

As only about 12 people seem to regularly post on here, then those banner ads aren't getting a lot of response from here are they?.
So one wonders whether they are getting value for their money by advertising on here.

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