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A Certain Building Company!
by "Michele" - on Thu Jul 15 19:00:46 2010
So I have just learned the latest and I thought I had heard it all. My friend with no electricity in Plaka has been lied to from the wife of the owner of said business. Oh, why of course she put the papers into DEH so that the electric will be reconnected, it will take about a month.

Move on at least 6 weeks later and what do we have? Maybe the truth this time. Apparently the first owner of the property still owes said company money and she is not going to put the papers in until someone pays the bill.

So, here we have a major cock up by my friends solicitor, who no doubt was recommended by the estate agents. This house has been sold not once but twice, and neither time was this picked up on. For about 6 years it has been on builders electric!

So all in all an almighty balls up but this does not excuse said lady lying!

I also notice that the other posting on here about a certain building company seems to have gone missing.

It makes my blood boil! They lie to everyone so easy, even their employees. My friend who was working for them has not been paid and is still owed a lot of money, so please anyone that is told any different, IT IS ALL A PACK OF LIES!

Please do not remove this, people really need to be aware of just how bad this situation is.


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  • A Certain Building Company! - by Michele on Thu Jul 15 19:00:46 2010

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