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Trafoulas beach
South Iraklion
Tráfoulas is a secluded beach, nested in a cove open to the south, at the small promontory of the same name, located between Lendas and Trypiti. You can reach Trafoulas only by boat or on foot via a small canyon. The starting point is around 700m away, to the north, just above the small harbour of Loutras, around 5km east from Lendas, where there is a place for parking. You then follow the hiking path, descending for a while to meet the canyon that leads directly to the beach. The walk takes around 20 minutes and its very nice as there are plenty of oleander and the rocky walls are very spectacular continuing until the sea.
The beach of Tráfoulas (GR: Τράφουλας), also called Psili Ammos (GR: Ψιλή άμμος) meaning 'fine sand' is quite long, with small pebbles and sand - there is a rocky part in the middle- but it is completely bare of vegetation. So if you seek for some shade you should sit in one of the caves at the eastern edge, if not taken, or have an umbrella with you. The water is crystal clear and deepens quite fast close to the rocks. There are no facilities and no running water so you can rely only on what you have with you.

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