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Gold bee pendant, from Malia
The famous gold jewel with the bees. Consists of two bees holding a piece of honeycomb between their lehs, a filigree `cage` containing a gold bead balanced on their heads and little dosks hanging down from their wing and sting. An exquisite example of Minoan goldwork, it combines hamering, filigree and granulation. From the necropolis of Malia (1800 - 1700 B.C.) - Heraklion Museum.
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Chieftain s Cup, from Agia Triada (Heraklion Museum)
The stone "Chieftain's Cup" depicting an official or priest with a long sceptre and a young man holding a sword. Neoplatial period (1600- 1450 BC)
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Clay model, from Palaikastro (Heraklion Museum)
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Elegant ewer from Phaistos
Elegant ewer with reed type decoration that creates a pattern of dark and light colours on the surface of the pot.
Example of the decorative mannerism of the Late Neopalatial period, a work by the artist conventionally referred to, as 'Reed - Painter' (1450 BC).
Heraklion Museum
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Portrait of Trajan - Lyttos
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The Boxers Vase from Agia Triada (Heraklion Museum)
A steatite vase with relief scenes of boxing and bull leaping in front of porticos with columns that are represented in four successive bands. The figures are depicted with power and realism, in stances and dress that are remniscent of modern boxing.
Neopalatial period (1500 - 1450 BC)

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